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A Special Event: "Catalyzing the Future"

A Fannie and John Hertz Foundation Symposium

March 18-20, 2005

2004 Scholars Retreat

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Welcome to the Hertz Foundation

We are a tax exempt, not-for profit organization which provides fellowships tenable at over 40 of the nation's finest universities for graduate work leading to award of the Ph.D. degree in applications of the physical sciences.

Each year the Foundation conducts a national competition for new Hertz Fellows. Of those who apply, only about one quarter will be interviewed. Of those who are interviewed, approximately one in ten will be awarded a Hertz Fellowship.

We look to support the graduate education of America's most promising technical talent, the Ph.D.-directed effort of the young men and women who can be expected to have the greatest impact on the application of the physical sciences to human problems during the next half-century. If you reasonably believe that you are one of these, we cordially invite your Fellowship application.

The Graduate Fellowships of the Hertz Foundation are widely considered to be among the most prestigious offered anywhere. The Foundation's standing policy is that they will be structured to be the most attractive in their class in both material terms and duration of tenure.

Over the past seven years, successful candidates for Hertz Foundation Graduate Fellowships have been awarded their undergraduate degrees from a very diverse group of schools.


To assure full consideration of your application for a Fannie and John Hertz Graduate Fellowship, the following deadlines will apply:

  • Graduate Fellowship Application Deadline: October 28, 2005 submitted by Applicant
  • Application supporting materials: October 28, 2005 (transcripts, GRE score reports, etc.) submitted by Applicant
  • Graduate Fellowship Reference Report Deadline: October 31, 2005 submitted by References


Hertz Fellowship Winners
Undergraduate School/Field of Study

Dmitriy Aronov,
   Columbia University
   Applied and Computational Mathematics
Brett Bethke,
   Massachusetts Institute of Technology
David Breslow,
   Harvard University
Nicholas Cizek,
   University of Colorado at Boulder
Kyle Gustafson,
   University of Missouri
Michael Henry,
   University of Arizona
Gwendolyn Hoben,
   Rice University
   Biotechnology/Materials Science
Jared Kaplan,
   Stanford University
Chang Liu,
   Harvard University
Oaz Nir,
   Duke University
   Applied Mathematics
Adam Pivonka,
   Harvey Mudd College
Stephen Samouhos,
   Massachusetts Institute of Technology
   Mechanical Engineering
Monika Schleier - Smith,
   Harvard University
David Van Valen,
   Massachusetts Institute of Technology
   Applied Physics
Yi Zhou,
   Duke University
   Quantitative Biology